Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Creating an Adobe Experience Manager project using Lazybones

You can create an Adobe Experience Manager 6.3 project by using Lazybones, which is a templating language that you can use to setup an Experience Manager project. For more information, see Lazybones.
This development article walks you through an efficient path to create a new Experience Manager project. This article covers the following tasks:
  • Create an Experience Manager project by using Lazybone.
  • Setup the project using the Eclipse plug-in.
  • How to use the Experience Manager Template Editor.
  • How to use the new Experience Manager Core Components. 
  • How to overlay Core Components. 
  • Create an advanced Experience Manager component that  renders markup with HTL (Sightly) and work with the underlying logic with Sling models.

This article will be released sometime in May 2017. 

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