Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Using the Adobe Experience Manager ContextHub to work with Personal Experiences

You can work with the Adobe Experience Manager ContextHub to work with personalized experiences.  A personalized experience presents the visitor with a tailor-made environment displaying dynamic content that is selected according to their specific needs; be this on the basis of predefined profiles, user selection, or interactive user behavior.

That is, personalized content is what web site visitors want to see. It can be categorized, and therefore made available to users according to predefined rules and it must be dynamic; in other words the content must, in some way, be dependent upon the user. If every user would see the same content, then personalization would be redundant.

This article illustrates how to use the Contenthub to work with personalization, That is, the value of the components (or even which components are rendered) that are displayed depends on the user. Consider the following user, whom is a seller (the Business Segment).

Likewise, if a user whom is a buyer is selected from the Contexthub, then the contents of the web page reflects this, as shown in this illustration. 

This article walks you though how to setup personalization data and display the results using the AEM ContextHub.

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  2. Hi Scott,

    On page, package 6 has the link of package 7 i.e. "Toy Store Buyer-Seller Activity" package is missing.

  3. Thanks for posting about this. Digital marketing and user experience are the two fastest growing sectors.